2024: Unveiling New Journeys with TeamWRX Stories

As we step into 2024, it’s time to celebrate the power of stories at TeamWRX. Each story is a testament to our journey, a blend of professional achievements and personal triumphs. This year, we’re focusing on the individuals and communities that make TeamWRX not just a staffing company, but a family.

The Beginnings of TeamWRX

In the early days of TeamWRX, co-founders Justin and Evans Rainer faced numerous challenges. Starting out of a closet-sized office in Midtown, these two brothers faced numerous challenges when they started the company seven years ago. They like to tell this as one of their favorite TeamWRX stories from the beginning:

“An early memory that stands out is our interaction with Andre, a teammate who’d been with us for two months. During a routine visit to a client, Andre’s bear hug and the conversation about his family’s improved circumstances deeply moved us. His story of securing a better apartment for his family was heartwarming,” said Justin and Evans. “An observer from a rival staffing firm noted how our personal approach differed significantly from theirs. This incident, a testament to our genuine connections, was pivotal in us becoming the exclusive staffing provider for the company Andre worked at. It was our very own ‘Jerry McGuire moment’.”

Overcoming the New Job Jitters

It’s common to feel anxious about starting a new job. Statistics show that over 87% of people experience this anxiety. But at TeamWRX, our members tell a different story.

Nnenna Okoro our Social Media Manager and a recent hire from last year shared, “Joining TeamWRX was a journey of warmth and gratitude. From day one as a Social Media Manager, I was embraced by a community rich in support and guided by a team deeply committed to our ethos. The tailored resources and invaluable mentorship, especially from Marketing Team members Asia and Gabriel, made my integration seamless, transforming my job transition into a journey of personal growth and belonging. I am excited to contribute to our collective narrative, which beautifully showcases the spirit of TeamWRX.”

In joining TeamWRX in October of 2023, Account Manager Arjenis “RJ” Nunez had this to say about joining our team in Savannah: “Joining TeamWRX was a pivotal moment where my professional aspirations met a company equally passionate about growth and evolution. It gave me control over my schedule, enabling me to complete my degree in December 2023 – a milestone that marks both personal and professional advancement.”

Engagement and Enjoyment at Work

Employee engagement is crucial, yet a recent study revealed that only 31% of employees feel truly engaged. Contrast this with Brittney McClain’s experience at TeamWRX: “Working with TeamWRX for the past five years has been an incredible journey. Watching the company grow and evolve has been inspiring. Dion, in particular, stands out with his exceptional problem-solving skills, consistent work provision, and excellent communication. His efforts, especially in securing me a permanent position when we separated from a particular client I’d worked for several years, highlight why TeamWRX is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for.”

Our Employee Success Manager, Dion Corley, told us, “At TeamWRX, engaging with our associates is fundamental. Our industry thrives on building relationships that nurture employee skills and align them with suitable employers. Trust, dedication, and loyalty are cornerstones in forging these strong connections. Key to this is effective communication. We prioritize keeping our staff informed, notably through our app, Casi, ensuring consistent updates. This level of communication fosters employee retention, as they value a company that maintains open lines and builds genuine relationships. Additionally, our proactive approach to problem-solving exemplifies our commitment to continuous improvement and associate support.”

As we share more TeamWRX stories throughout 2024, we celebrate the growth and development of our team members. Join us in this journey of storytelling, where every individual’s story becomes a part of our larger narrative.

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