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TeamWRX is proud to provide on-demand staffing for call center operations across the state of Georgia. We focus primarily on the Metro Atlanta and Greater Savannah areas. This allows us to provide in-person leadership support and to hand-pick local teams to fit our client’s call center staffing needs.

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Why TeamWRX?

We know that a team-oriented approach to staffing can produce amazing results. From increased job satisfaction to lower turnover rates, it pays to invest in your team! That’s why we always go the extra mile, focusing heavily on the training and advancement of our team members. In addition, we’re committed to providing superior customer service to our clients through weekly performance stats and ongoing support.

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call center staffing

Positions we fill include:

Account Manager
Call Center Supervisor
Call Center Trainer
Collections Agent
Customer Service Rep
Human Resources
Sales Representative
Technical Support

Please note: this is just a sampling of job roles based off of previous client staffing requests. We will always work with you to fill or find a call center staffing position that fits your needs!

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Hire a Team

Whether you’re looking to hire a full-time, part-time, or seasonal call center staff, TeamWRX is here to help!

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Get Hired

Interested in applying for a call center position? View the TeamWRX job board to see what’s available:


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