Inside the Locker Room: How the Teams Inside TeamWRX Unite for Triumph

In the heart of every thriving organization lies a core essence of camaraderie and teamwork, much akin to a well-coordinated sports squad. At TeamWRX Staffing, this spirit of unity isn’t just a metaphor—it’s our operational mantra. Our diverse departments embody the essence of a well-knitted team, each playing a crucial role in delivering exceptional staffing solutions. Let’s venture into our locker room and hear directly from the seasoned players who make the magic happen every day.

Leadership: Paul Elliott, COO

Paul leads a myriad of efforts at TeamWRX and had much to say about his position.

“There’s a myriad of aspects I cherish about working with our teammates at TeamWRX. Being part of the leadership team places me in a unique position where I get to interact with every teammate in some capacity. The journey of seeing our teammates grow, sharing our company’s narrative with individuals I engage with daily, and being part of a young, purpose-driven company aiming to redefine the industry’s stigma, is genuinely invigorating. I am fueled daily by the privilege of impacting lives, be it our internal or external teammates, and the trust vested in me by the Rainer brothers [Justin and Evans Rainer, CEO and CDO of TeamWRX] to have a significant say in our business decisions. Their openness to fostering a collaborative environment to nurture their vision is something I hold in high regard.

“Cross-team collaboration is the linchpin of our success. My leadership journey has been enriched by various podcasts and readings, one of which imparted a paradigm-shifting insight: as a leader, it’s prudent to hone what you’re great at and bring on board adept individuals in areas you may lack prowess. This notion was a departure from the age-old belief I held that focusing on weaknesses to become well-rounded was the way to go.

“A testament to this is the symbiotic relationship I share with Gabriel Jones [Director of Marketing] and his Marketing team. While I may conceive ideas, the expertise in publishing them lies with Gabriel’s team. The trust in his team to refine and elevate my ideas is a reflection of true collaboration. The same goes for Dion [Corely, TeamWRX Employee Success Manager] and his adeptness in liaising with our external teammates, a skill that complements the bigger picture beautifully. Our leadership team is indeed fortunate to have remarkable teammates who share our vision, collectively propelling us towards our goals with a spirit of unity and shared purpose.”

The meticulous strategy and foresight from our leadership mirror the role of a seasoned coach, guiding the company through the highs and lows of the staffing industry.

Learn more about our leadership team.

Sales: Shalanda Norman, Business Development Manager, Dallas-Fort Worth

Certainly! Here’s a refined quote from Shalanda Norman, Business Development Manager, Dallas-Fort Worth, that maintains the tone of her original response:

Shalanda told us, “Working on my sales team is an incredibly rewarding experience for several key reasons. Firstly, the collaborative environment we have fosters a supportive atmosphere where team members are wholly dedicated to helping each other succeed. Secondly, the diverse skill sets within our team bring a wealth of perspectives and ideas to the table, enhancing our problem-solving abilities and creativity manifold. The motivation and drive exhibited by my colleagues are nothing short of inspiring, constantly pushing me to improve and strive for excellence. Our team’s commitment to continuous learning ensures that we are always expanding our knowledge and skills, which is invigorating. The shared goal of achieving targets and driving business growth binds us, creating a strong sense of purpose and camaraderie. Lastly, the supportive leadership we have provides guidance, mentorship, and numerous opportunities for professional development, making every day a fulfilling experience that promotes both personal and professional growth.

“Cross-team collaboration, on the other hand, is a window to leverage different perspectives, skills, and expertise, driving us toward collective success. The collaborative essence of cross-team work is a breeding ground for innovation and problem-solving. It brings about a sense of unity as we all work together towards a shared objective, making the journey as rewarding as the destination.”

Much like the offensive line in football, our Sales team drives forward with vigor, ensuring our services reach as many businesses in need as possible.

Human Resources: John Poynter, HR Manager and Payroll Specialist

“I take immense pride in being part of a team that places paramount importance on its employees, all while harboring a shared ambition to elevate our business to the pinnacle of the industry,” John noted. “One of the aspects I cherish the most is the collaboration with our Account Managers, especially when it comes to resolving payroll queries or issues. Our collective aim is to ensure that every member of our team is paid accurately and promptly. It resonates with a fundamental principle – the essence of being rewarded for one’s diligence. Our payroll squad is steadfast in making this a priority, embodying the spirit of reward and recognition that is so crucial in a work environment. It’s gratifying to see how these collaborations not only resolve immediate concerns but also foster a culture of appreciation and timely recognition within TeamWRX.”

Our HR department, the unsung heroes, ensures a harmonious internal environment while meticulously handling payroll, akin to a seasoned referee maintaining fair play.

Marketing: Nnenna Okoro, Social Media Manager

“My journey with the Marketing team at TeamWRX has been nothing short of rewarding. The dynamism inherent in our daily tasks is what I cherish the most. Each day unfurls a new set of challenges and opportunities, be it in the realm of crafting engaging content, strategizing social media campaigns, or joining forces with other departments to amplify our brand. It’s this rich tapestry of tasks and the potential to make a tangible impact that makes my role deeply fulfilling,” Nnenna said. 

“A standout aspect of my role is the collaboration with Branch Managers on our MVP recognition program. There’s a profound sense of joy in honoring the diligent individuals at TeamWRX via our social media platforms. Showcasing their dedication and commitment to our online community is immensely rewarding. This joint endeavor epitomizes the convergence of efforts from multiple departments, creating a warm tableau of unity as we come together to celebrate the exceptional members of our team. The experience is a vivid demonstration of the collaborative ethos that propels TeamWRX forward.”

The Marketing team creatively broadcasts our vision and services to the world, much like how a sports announcer keeps the audience engaged and informed.

Nnenna helps to coordinate items like our Most Valuable Player series, highlighting our external team across our social media platforms. 

Branch Managers: Joe Mattox, Branch Manager, Savannah

In speaking to Joe, he said, “My tenure as a Branch Manager for the Savannah Team at TeamWRX has been a fulfilling journey. The privilege to mentor and sculpt a dedicated team, coupled with the capability to assist clients in realizing their goals and aiding applicants in finding rewarding employment opportunities, stands out as the core of what I cherish about my role. Witnessing the success and exceeded expectations of both clients and applicants, propelled by the efforts of my team, is immensely rewarding.

“Within the ecosystem of TeamWRX Staffing, the synergy birthed from the collaboration among diverse departments is a cardinal element of our success. When these distinct teams converge, a broad spectrum of skills and expertise amalgamates, paving the way for innovative problem-solving and decisive action. This confluence of knowledge and experiences fosters a vibrant and dynamic work environment. As departments amalgamate their efforts, a pooling of resources occurs, which in turn eradicates duplication and refines processes. Such efficient allocation of resources escalates productivity while diminishing wastage. The multidisciplinary approach allows for a 360-degree analysis of issues, yielding holistic solutions that drive our collective success forward.”

Our Branch Managers ensure smooth operations on the ground, embodying the role of a captain on the field, orchestrating precise maneuvers in real time.

Account Managers: Adrienne Shuler, Account Manager, Atlanta

Adrienne Shuler has been with TeamWRX in Atlanta’s branch for over a year now. Here’s what she had to say about being an Account Manager: “I thrive on the dynamic nature of my role as an Account Manager in our Atlanta Branch. Every day brings new challenges, keeping me both interested and motivated. The camaraderie among Account Managers is invigorating, creating a lively atmosphere of collective growth. There’s a continual learning curve where I not only acquire new skills daily but also contribute to the team’s evolution, which is exhilarating.

“What strikes me the most is the readiness and enthusiasm of each member to lend a hand, share insights, and elevate an idea when the occasion calls for it. There’s a profound sense of fulfillment knowing our work significantly impacts society and the community. The notion that we, as a team, are making a real difference in people’s lives fuels my drive to improve with each passing day.

“A particular instance that underscores our collaborative spirit occurred when a talent placed with a client faced a personal tragedy and couldn’t complete the assignment. The response was swift and cohesive; each Account Manager promptly proposed a replacement. Following a thorough discussion, we selected the most suitable candidate ensuring the client’s satisfaction with both the rapid response and the quality of our solution. It was a testament to TeamWRX’s collective resolve and efficiency in action.”

Our Account Managers nurture client relationships ensuring satisfaction and trust, akin to a player fostering good sportsmanship on and off the field.

Recruiters: Maria Hernandez, Regional Recruiter, Dallas-Fort Worth

“I am thoroughly enamored by the passion and dedication that resonates within our team towards our clients and candidates alike. Whether it’s a client in pursuit of the right talent or a candidate on a job hunt, the zeal we harbor in making a significant difference in their lives—be it on a business, personal, or professional front—is truly inspiring. Seizing the opportunity to foster these relationships is something I hold dear. The moment they step through our doors, they transcend from being mere acquaintances to becoming an integral part of our TeamWRX family. The ‘I Gotcha’ attitude ingrained in my team is not just a mantra; it’s a testament to the supportive and dependable environment we strive to create for every individual we interact with,” Maria told us. 

Recruiters are our scouts, discovering and placing top talent where they can shine the brightest, driving the success of both our clients and TeamWRX.

The seamless collaboration among these units propels TeamWRX towards achieving remarkable success in fulfilling staffing needs proficiently and professionally. Our team, much like a championship team, is bound by a shared goal, a profound understanding of our roles, and an unyielding resolve to achieve excellence.

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