Introduction to Dion Corley: The Employee Success Manager Transforming TeamWRX

Introduction: Meet Dion Corley, the Employee Success Manager Elevating TeamWRX

Staffing agencies like TeamWRX often face challenges such as high turnover rates and fluctuating employee engagement. That’s why we have Dion Corley, an Employee Success Manager (ESM) currently based in our Atlanta office. Soon, his role will expand to include Atlanta, Savannah, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

What are the Key Functions of Dion Corley, ESM at TeamWRX?

The key functions of an Employee Success Manager at TeamWRX encompass a range of responsibilities—from allowing employees to flourish through additional education and skill development, to managing employee engagement and growth. My role also includes tasks like employee onboarding and offboarding, performance management, HR administration, compliance, external partnerships, communications, employee health and safety, as well as process improvement,” Dion said. He wears many hats.

How Does Dion Corley’s Role Increase Engagement and Retention?

My role as an ESM actively contributes to increasing employee engagement and retention at TeamWRX through constant communication and follow-up. I conduct random check-ins to ensure that employees feel valued. It’s crucial for our employees to know that we have their back and support them in various ways,” Dion adds. This aspect is supported by various studies on employee satisfaction. “Sometimes, when you talk to people, they’ll say, ‘I’ve never had an agency call to check on me or see how my first day was.’

How Does Dion Bridge the Gap Between Staffing Agencies and Temporary Workers?

Bridging the gap between the staffing agency and its temporary workers comes down to communication and availability. I serve as a direct contact that employees can easily reach by phone. I’m willing to pick up the phone to support their decisions and to simply listen. The key is to make each employee feel heard and understood, rather than ignored,” Dion notes.

How Does Dion Balance Employees’ Professional and Personal Lives?

Striking a balance between an employee’s personal and professional life is essential for their overall well-being. If someone is going through personal challenges, being willing to listen can have a significant impact on their professional development. Once they know that you care about them personally, they are more open to accepting advice or constructive criticism to help improve professionally,” Dion explains. His empathetic approach makes him more than just an HR representative; he is a true work-life balance advocate.

Where Does Dion See the Role of an ESM Evolving in the Next 5 Years?

Looking ahead, I see the role of an ESM evolving on a national scale, becoming an integral part of staffing agencies. Employees will be able to speak on the positive impact of having an ESM, from overcoming challenges to providing a support system for benefits and insurance,” Dion mentions. Agencies like TeamWRX are increasingly recognizing the value, leading to a more structured organizational model. “On a larger scale, this role provides a level of support that most national agencies currently lack. It’s about being present in the field—whether that’s at awards ceremonies, special recognitions, or even simple acts like bringing a fan and water to a client site when the AC is out—to go above and beyond in showing our employees that they are not just a number on our roster.


With this introduction to Dion Corley, it’s clear that his role as an ESM is becoming indispensable at TeamWRX. Dion’s versatile skill set is already making waves in Atlanta and will soon have an impact in Savannah and Dallas-Fort Worth.

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