Revolutionize Your Hiring with TeamWRX: Leverage a Staffing Agency Partnership

Hiring is a demanding process. It can drain time, resources, and if mishandled, can result in expensive errors. A strategic answer to these challenges is cultivating a staffing agency partnership. TeamWRX offers businesses a structured hiring mechanism and access to a vast pool of top-tier candidates.

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Greg Price, shed light on his experience: “I would have to reflect on a recent project in which we were able to assist one of our clients with only 24 hours’ notice. It was a cleaning and organizing project that was needed at the Atlanta United Training Center. This was a high-profile client, so you have to send the right staff.

“We received the order for two skilled laborers for a very high-profile event, and the client needed them to start the next day. Not only were we able to provide the staff needed but here is a quote from the Manager, Kevin Kennedy: 

‘Both of the staff members came looking very presentable, especially for the job they were doing. I was shocked. Both had pressed polo shirts on and presented well in every way.’

“Then he texted me after the job was over:

‘I should have sent you before and after pictures. These guys made the chairs and tables look brand new. The chairs were black, moldy, and had wasps nests in them. The guys today were really great!’

“Mr. Kennedy was able to benefit in many ways from using TeamWRX. 1.) Communication – We responded quickly and maintained a line of communication throughout the entire event. He could always get in touch with a TeamWRX representative. 2.) Quality – The staff we provided exceeded his expectations and he invited one of them back to work the next day. 3.) Dependability – The staff arrived early to work and returned the next day until the project was completed. 4.) Partnership/Sustainability – Mr. Kennedy will continue to use us as his primary staffing resource for the next 4 years.”

Efficiency is another advantage of staffing agency partnerships. Our Chief Operating Officer, Paul Elliott, highlighted the time benefits. “Efficiency is the name of the game in business. We alleviate the stress of the hiring process so you can stay focused on what you do best. Our role is to ensure that you spend less time on tasks like interviews, onboarding, unemployment, and workers’ comp, and more time making your clients happy. Typically, hiring takes 10-20 days. We cut that down to 24-48 hours, offering a speedier solution that lets you fill your needs promptly and get back to what really matters: your business,” he elaborated.

We’re proud to share the real-world results we’ve achieved for our clients. One client testimonial reads, “It is not often that I can reach an agency’s recruiters to assist with one of their employees and receive the quick response that I receive from the representatives at TeamWRX regardless of the day of the week.”

Implementing a staffing agency partnership into your hiring strategy can counter traditional recruitment difficulties. Your company can access a larger talent pool, save time, and enhance operational efficiency. It’s an investment that yields substantial returns in the form of the right talent, at the right time.

Navigate the complex talent market and supercharge your organization’s human capital strategy with this influential recruitment tool. As one of our Savannah clients anonymously stated, “TeamWRX Savannah has been very attentive and aware of our needs, as well as being very transparent with the shortage of available labor.”

If you’re keen to learn more about how a staffing agency partnership with TeamWRX can revolutionize your hiring process, get in touch with us today.

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