Staffing Isn’t Sexy

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Let’s be honest: staffing isn’t sexy. We know that job searching, resume building, interviewing, and skills tests are not the most exciting thing in the world. But in life, we all need a job. And that’s where staffing comes in. Unfortunately, recruitment agencies don’t get the best reputation among job seekers, and for good reasons. 

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But at TeamWRX, we’re doing our best to change the perceptions of staffing agencies, and while staffing may not be sexy (and there are some definite woes that hard-working people face daily), we’ve got a few things we’re doing differently.

“You’re Just a Temp”

It’s a sentence that we’ve heard too many times from our new team members when describing how their old agency had treated them. Temp agencies have become just that: temporary. They’re turnstiles for job seekers to come in and out of. 

TeamWRX was founded to be different. When brothers and co-founders Justin and Evans Rainer started our company, they wanted to create a team atmosphere where we could act as coaches and support staff and bridge job seekers and companies who were looking for seasonal or contract employees. We approach our team of job candidates as recruits for the newest season of the hiring game. You’re on our team no matter the wins or losses. And we want you to succeed and eventually get hired on by one of our incredible clients or move into the job that best suits you. 

For our clients, we develop our team, train them, and build them up. They’re not a temp to us, and we know that the impact of our work is never temporary

A Failure to Communicate 

One of the biggest problems we hear about from our clients and our team is probably the biggest gap in the staffing industry: communication. From agencies that never reach out to candidates to staffing agencies that would rather watch the line blink than solve a problem at a client’s site, the staffing communication gap is probably the least sexy part of the industry.

That’s why our team goes above and beyond to interact with each and every member of our team, including candidates, new hires, previous employees, potential clients, and managers at our current customers. We want to know what’s happening and help to solve every issue. When there’s a problem at a client, we’re there on-site to answer the call for help. Even if a teammate just had a rough day and just needs someone to talk to, TeamWRX will answer the call.

Making communication our number one priority got us voted number one in the staffing industry in communication resolution and personal interaction by our team in an independent survey by the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.

So we’re going all in and investing in tools like Casi, a text-based communication platform, to make sure all of our team members are up to date on our opportunities, news, giveaways, and more. 

It’s All About the $$$

The final complaint we often hear is agencies treat their team as “products, not people”. And it’s so often true. Recruiters are trying to just fill quotas and get people through the door. It’s not often you hear a recruiter stop and just ask, “How’s your day going?”, or “What else can I do to help you?” Kindness doesn’t make a commission. But can’t it be better?

The answer is of course it can. We want to develop our team to be better players whether they stay with us, get hired full-time by a client, or find a job elsewhere. We want you to leave TeamWRX bettered professionally and personally. That’s why we invest heavily in training our team, being available, and helping you through hard times. This includes having a team that’s ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you through the hiring and job process. 

Candidates start with our team of friendly recruiters ready to walk you through the hiring process, start at a client with management and constant interaction from our account managers, and always have access to our Employee Success Manager to make sure you’re comfortable in your position and let us know what we can do to help you grow. 

So, no, staffing isn’t sexy. But TeamWRX is dedicated to the process of securing the very best for our team. We work to be the top performers in our industry thanks to the endless effort of every part of our team. We approach every action with integrity and put our team first. And develop and celebrate the wins of our team at every opportunity.

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