TeamWRX Adopts Casi

Casi and TeamWRX Logo

TeamWRX Staffing is proud to announce that we’re officially adopting Casi! Casi, or Communication and Scheduling Interface, is a SaaS platform that streamlines the communication between companies and their hourly employees. For TeamWRX, that means being able to use text messaging to ensure that team members are aware of new shift availability, allow team members to call out, manage hours, send out announcements, and more. 

83% of 1,200 workers noted that they would stay in their position if they were in better control of their schedules. At the same time, employers are facing a rise in turnover rates. That’s where Casi comes in. By working alongside employers and employees, Casi is able to aid in collaboration and communication to help employees stay in control of their schedules and employers stay up to date on callouts, payroll, and shift volume. 

So how does it work?

For TeamWRX Teammates 

TeamWRX + Casi launched on December 1st with a small collection of teammates in the hospitality division and will be growing over the course of the month and into the new year. As the TeamWRX + Casi user base grows, TeamWRX will be implementing the platform as the communication standard across positions. 

For new TeamWRX teammates, joining Casi will be as easy as a text. There are no apps or logins required. Instead, when new team members join TeamWRX they’ll be asked to text Casi, opt-in, and then begin receiving new opportunities. It’s that simple. 

As a part of Casi through TeamWRX, team members will be able to receive notifications on new positions, call out for the day, record their hours, or even receive announcements about upcoming giveaways

For TeamWRX Clients

TeamWRX knows well that the needs of clients are constantly changing. Whether it be moving into the holiday season or an upcoming event or changes in economic constraints, it’s tough notifying employees of an increasing need or shift cuts. 

Casi solves those issues by allowing clients to notify TeamWRX of an increase or decrease in labor needs and allowing the team to notify Casi users. For example, if a client reached out to TeamWRX with a need for 50 extra workers for the next day, TeamWRX can notify the team via text, get immediate feedback on who’s available to work, and assign teammates for their next-day shift. 

And you can use Casi for your own workforce! Contact the Casi team to learn more about how it can work for you!

If you’re a new teammate, current teammate, or a client and want to learn more about Casi or get in contact with our team about how it will affect you, visit our resource center! TeamWRX is excited to implement this partnership and can’t wait to be able to further collaborate and communicate better with the team.

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