TeamWRX: Leading the Charge in Accessibility with WheelChariot Certification

Justin Rainer holding TeamWRX's Certificate of Accessibility with WheelChariot's Gabriel Jones and Tori Stopford on either side of him

TeamWRX is the first to receive this prestigious certification ensuring our office is accessible to all.

At TeamWRX, we believe in going above and beyond the conventional. As an award-winning, culture-driven staffing company, our commitment to valuing and welcoming everyone extends beyond mere words. Today, we are proud to share an exciting milestone: TeamWRX is now the first business certified accessible by WheelChariot, a company revolutionizing accessibility for people with disabilities.

WheelChariot’s innovative platform enables users to rate and review businesses based on their accessibility standards. This initiative has opened up new possibilities for an inclusive society where everyone, irrespective of their abilities, can access goods and services.

To embrace this initiative, we invited WheelChariot to evaluate our Atlanta office in College Park. With open minds, we subjected our facilities to their stringent proprietary metrics, eager to learn, adapt, and improve. The result was inspiring: a score of 104 out of 160, comfortably exceeding the minimum pass mark of 96, marking our official WheelChariot Accessibility Certification.

Gabriel Jones, CEO of WheelChariot, adds, “We’re incredibly proud to be able to certify TeamWRX as our first accessible business on the platform. I’ve been blessed to know Justin and the TeamWRX family for a few years now, and their commitment to making sure everyone is welcome as a part of their team is always inspiring.”

What does this mean for our community – our team, our clients, our visitors? It ensures that we provide an environment free from barriers, where everyone’s needs are acknowledged and met. It’s about recognizing that true inclusivity isn’t about meeting quotas; it’s about knowing everyone on a first-name basis and making them feel valued. That’s what continues to make our team one of the top performers in the industry.

At TeamWRX, we’re more than staffing; we’re building inclusive communities that champion accessibility. Experience a workplace where everyone is welcomed, and everyone wins. Join us today.

Interested in hiring or joining our team? Reach out to us at the link below to get started!

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