#ThankfulTeamWRX: Celebrating the Gratitude of Our Team

At TeamWRX, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. As we kick off the summer, we are thrilled to launch our #ThankfulTeamWRX initiative, celebrating the gratitude and growth of our team members. Through a recent survey, we gathered heartfelt feedback from our employees, showcasing why they are proud to be part of the TeamWRX family.

The Supportive Team Environment

Gabriel Jones, our Director of Marketing, emphasized the supportive team environment at TeamWRX. “What makes TeamWRX stand out to me is the support of the team around you, people ready to step up to the plate no matter what the task is. It’s about the constant evolution of learning and skills that allow you a place to grow and flourish.”

Paul Elliott, our COO, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the team’s family atmosphere. “Everyone tries to help each other and help our clients and candidates to be better.” Paul also shared a memorable experience: “I see little things every day that make me grateful. I have had the chance to witness big things as well, but what touches me the most is seeing our internal staff grow in their positions and their lives. As a past coach, nothing hits as hard as when you see something you’ve taught click for the player and their game improves and they feel accomplished in that moment. It brings a smile to my heart every time.”

Professional and Personal Growth

At TeamWRX, we are committed to fostering both professional and personal growth. Paul noted, “The opportunity the Rainer brothers and TeamWRX have blessed me with is life-changing. My time at TeamWRX has pushed me to be a better person, to lead by example, and to be open to others’ thoughts and circumstances. I grow each day working with our team.”

Joe Mattox, Branch Manager of our Savannah Team, shared how working at TeamWRX has impacted him: “The ability of everyone from all branches to come together to assist one another to achieve the company’s vision.” Joe recounted a memorable experience: “There was a young lady named Adrionna who had some complications with her payroll that Justin assisted with on a Saturday morning at 7 am. Adrionna now works with my wife and told her that she was grateful for what TeamWRX did for her. She had a few bills to pay and a newborn at home, and because of TeamWRX, she was able to provide for them.”

Inclusivity and Connectivity

Nnenna Okoro, our Social Media Manager, highlighted the inclusivity and connectivity at TeamWRX. “What really makes TeamWRX stand out as a workplace is the incredible access and rapport I have with all team members, especially those in the C-suite. This level of connectivity enhances collaboration and allows for real-time feedback and support, which is invaluable in a fast-paced environment.”

Nnenna also shared a memorable experience: “One memorable experience that made me especially grateful to be part of the TeamWRX team was our all-company meeting last December.” This inclusivity and connectivity have significantly enhanced Nnenna’s professional growth: “Working at TeamWRX has been a transformative experience, significantly enhancing my skills in digital marketing and communications.”

Empowering Employees

Genny Mukes, Branch Manager of our Dallas-Fort Worth Team, finds empowerment in her role: “It makes it resourceful to assist people in employment and build a business relationship. I sincerely enjoy my job; it allows me to use my knowledge and skills to make a difference and add value.” Genny recounted a touching experience: “When the candidate comes in and they have been turned away and at the edge of losing to life, I was able to help with a job and motivated them in the process.”

David Allen, Account Manager for the Dallas-Fort Worth Team, appreciates the supportive community and opportunities for growth at TeamWRX: “TeamWRX stands out to me as a workplace due to its supportive community and opportunities for growth, creating an environment where I feel valued and inspired every day.” He shared a memorable experience: “Participating in job fairs with TeamWRX was a memorable experience that reinforced my gratitude for being part of the team.”

A Deep Care for Employees

Finally, Evans Rainer, our CDO, shared his perspective on what makes TeamWRX special: “The deep care for our employees and the team’s work to help place people in the best possible positions.” Evans recalled a memorable experience: “In the early days of our company, I was visiting our first client site to drop off some goodies for our employees. One of them greeted me with a big bear hug and expressed how much they enjoyed working for us. An employee from another staffing company noticed and remarked, ‘My staffing company doesn’t give me hugs.’ This felt like my Jerry Maguire moment, making me truly appreciate the positive impact we have on our employees’ lives.”

Join the Conversation

As we celebrate our team’s gratitude and growth through the #ThankfulTeamWRX initiative, we invite you to join the conversation. Share your own experiences and stories with us on social media using the hashtag #ThankfulTeamWRX. Together, we continue to build a supportive, inclusive, and empowering environment that makes TeamWRX a truly exceptional place to work.

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