Dog Days of Summer: Communication With Casi

As we dive into the summer season, TeamWRX Staffing is excited to re-introduce our newest communication platform, Casi! Designed to streamline the way our team members communicate, Casi is an innovative text-based platform that will revolutionize how we stay connected in our fast-paced warehousing and hospitality industries.

What is Casi?

Casi is a powerful text-based platform that allows our team members to easily communicate on-demand with supervisors, learn about new shift opportunities, call out, and much more – all via text messages. By utilizing text messaging, Casi offers a seamless and efficient alternative to traditional communication methods such as apps, phone calls, and emails.

The team behind Casi is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in warehouse and staffing operations. With a clear understanding of the challenges faced by both employers and employees, Casi is designed to improve the workplace experience for everyone involved.

Casi’s primary goal is to create the workforce communication tool of the future. By focusing on schedule flexibility and opportunities for employees, and streamlining operations for employers, Casi aims to foster a more productive and harmonious work environment. And with an ongoing commitment to innovation, the platform will continue to evolve and adapt to better serve the needs of our team members and the industries we work in.

Why is TeamWRX Using Casi?

At TeamWRX, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our team members in Atlanta, Savannah, and Dallas-Fort Worth. By adopting Casi, we can stay connected with our team more efficiently than ever before, ensuring that they are always in the loop with the latest job opportunities and company news.

To kick off the summer, we will be rolling out Casi starting with our Atlanta hospitality program, with plans to expand its use throughout our entire business by the end of the year. Casi’s user-friendly text-based system allows our team members to quickly receive updates and communicate with supervisors, all without the need to download additional apps or spend time sorting through emails. This streamlined communication process will empower our team members by giving them more control over their schedules and access to essential information, ultimately leading to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

How Can You Sign Up?

Getting started with Casi is incredibly simple! All team members need to do is text our specific number to get onboarded. (If you’re a part of our team, just wait! Our account managers will be in touch with the number to sign up soon.) Once they have texted the number, they will be guided through the onboarding process and have access to all the features Casi has to offer.

For any team members who may encounter issues or have questions about using Casi, we have a comprehensive FAQ section on our website that provides detailed information on how to use the platform effectively.

Casi is a game-changer for TeamWRX Staffing. By simplifying communication and streamlining our operations, we believe that Casi will play an instrumental role in the continued success of our team and our company. We are eager to see the positive impact that Casi will have on our work environment and look forward to embracing this innovative platform together as we continue to grow and expand!

If you are a company or prospective client interested in trying Casi for your workforce, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Casi team by emailing hunter@getcasi.com. They will be more than happy to help you explore the benefits of this powerful communication tool for your organization.

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